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HOTFORM started up his long experience in 1976 and today is one of the most prestigious companies using the thermoforming process (PET, OPS and PP) for the production of food containers in PET, OPS and PP. HOTFORM distinguished for the product quality, customer service as well as for the use of advanced technologies and for a quality control system by an internal procedure widely proven. As for as the range of products concerns, HOTFORM manufactures both standard and bespoke items. The corporate facility has been developed to come within the BRC parameters, and ready to meet all market requirements.


HOTFORM has decided to invest in the production as it is the heart of the company.
The results have been truly significant, as all the materials used in the production cycle are totally recycled thereby forming a CLOSED LOOP. This strategy reflects the company orientation which is increasingly sensitive to ecological matters and research into environmentally friendly options. The high-tech production is carefully planned in order to assure that there are always sufficient stocks in the warehouse, which means that customers can always be sure of having products available. Quality and service excellence translates into a high quality product, which can be also designed and customised according to specific requirements.